Global Omnium’s end-to-end water cycle data and process management platform

Its main strength is the experience of being born in the optimization of water management services in more than 400 cities. .
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Jaime Barba Sevillano, CEO of GoAigua

Experience is our greatest asset

After many years in the water management business, as well as in the development of software tools, we have learned that experience is invaluable, not only in responding to expectations, but also in providing security and professionalism that new players simply cannot match. To this day, this is still our greatest asset.

Ethan Martínez

Glacier the solution for the management of the integral water cycle

The GLACIER application is a software that collects and automates the business processes related to the commercial management of the commercial water cycle, based on the experience and expert knowledge of Global Omnium.

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In the scope of the distribution network, in the water metering fleet, or in the collection systems, it is able to find:

  • Leaks
  • Frauds
  • Apply Energy efficiency
  • Monitor infrastructures through a digital twin
  • Set alarms
  • Studying and prolonging the life of assets
  • Present dashboards for decision making

Never before has water management software been so complete and yet so easy to use.

Our products are the result of combining the latest technologies with more than 125 years of knowledge of the water sector. Designed to give your business the opportunity to achieve the highest standards of both hydraulic and energy efficiency, as well as significantly improve operational capabilities.

Maximum compatibility

The system is modular and can be installed on a unique platform, although they are independent and can be installed separately.

Simple dashboards

Strategically designed to improve experience and work efficiency.


All of our software shares a common Big Data processing layer where they connect simplifying the data exchange process.

Nexus Integra platform has allowed us to seccessfully transform the operations management and deply just one single control center where the more than 200 assets belonging to out 15.000 km distribution network are commanded together.

Juan Francisco Maestre PicónDrinking Water Software Services Director

We chose Nexus Integra platform as the infrastructure for the Ceramic Brain project due to its flexibility and ease of use. The outstanding results on this project rely significantly on the features.

Juan Boix PalomeroHead of unit for Machines and Process Control at ITC

A project of Global Omnium

Global Omnium bases its activity on the management of the Integral Water Cycle, developing different complementary business lines that generate the appropriate synergies to optimize water resources: supply and sanitation, wastewater purification, denitrification or irrigation management. This way, it manages a network of 15,000 km of pipelines, guaranteeing service to more than 3 million people.