Gandía is recognized

as Smart Water City

The project guarantees real-time monitoring of water consumption

Gandía is one of the main municipalities in the Valencian Community (Spain). The city has been recognized as Europe’s first completely digitalized Smart Water City due to this project’s implementation.

The objective of the municipal team was to foster water efficiency, optimise resources and offer an excellent service to the population.

GoAigua, Vodafone and the municipality join forces in an initiative that includes the installation of 40,000 smart meters. The Vodafone NB-IoT network collects and transmits consumption information, while GoAigua converts the data into useful information for the citizen.

GoAigua’s solution

Smart Metering




Gandía City Council


Spain, Europe

Gandía becomes a leading Smart Water City

“We monitor the whole network of water meters in the city of Gandía to achieve a more efficient use of water resources and to offer a better service to residents.”

Jaime Barba, GoAigua CEO


Water consumption monitoring was being done using Walk-By and Drive-By methods. ​

Lack of real-time data made it impossible to predict demand. It was also difficult to manage work orders and detect leaks.​


Gandía must control its customers’ consumption in real time but the city does not have the minimum necessary elements: smart meters, a connectivity network for the transmission of consumption data and a platform for data integration.

Sea waves


The partnership between Vodafone and GoAigua’s Smart Metering solution aims to control customer consumption in real time via a three-phased project:

  • Replacement of the mechanical meters fleet with 40,000 smart meters.
  • Implementation of Vodafone NB-IoT connectivity network through Sim cards integrated in counters, for data collection and transmission.
  • Integration of data on a single platform in order to centralize management. Algorithmic processing allows to establish consumption patterns, predict demand and build value-added services.​

The consultancy service for digital transformation is key part of the project and includes technical training, process training and knowledge transfer to operators.



Leaks and frauds detection

Hourly monitoring allows to detect internal leaks and frauds accurately.

Demand prediction

The solution makes it possible to predict consumption at different levels (meter, building, DMA).

Efficient field work

Replacing Walk-By and Drive-By systems drastically reduces the number of journeys required.

Centralized management

Hourly monitoring of client consumption is controlled on a single platform.

Services for citizens

Alarms for consumption in empty houses, leak detection, consumption monitoring...

Vulnerable groups protection

Alerts for the city council when water consumption of dependent people is interrupted.