Hamad Airport

reduces leaks

by 60%

Non-revenue water reduction due to sensorization, automatic detection and centralized management.

Hamad International Airport is located in the city of Doha in Qatar and has been operating since 2014. It has the capacity to handle 30 million passengers every year.

The digital transformation consulting service led the organization to more efficient processes. The transformation included the implementation of GoAigua’s leaks detection solution.

Some of the results were a 60% reduction in the number of leaks and a 20% reduction in maintenance costs.

GoAigua’s solution



Hamad International Airport


Qatar, Middle East


The airport faced a critical problem of inefficiency in its extensive distribution networks, with a large volume (thousands of m3) of undetected losses and leaks.​

Monitoring issues were also related to asset management due to the lack of a quality facilities inventory.


The goal was to achieve significant water savings through real-time leak detection and pipe repair.​

The situation was characterized by the absence of the necessary technologies and processes:​ a regulated assets inventory, a monitoring system for the distribution network and a centralized management for distribution and supplies.​

Applied solution

The implementation of GoAigua’s Leaks service played a key role in solving the problem. 

In a first phase, the distribution networks were traced and the assets were cataloged. ​​

The facilities were then sensorized to monitor processes and detect leaks, using flowmeters and pressure gauges. ​​

Lastly, the data was integrated into a single platform, which centralizes management by detecting leaks, automatically creating and prioritizing work orders, displaying real-time information on assets, triggering alarms, etc.​​

GoAigua guided Hamad International Airport in the process by proviging a digital transformation consulting service. This included technical areas, processes and the transmission of knowledge to operators.​



-60% leaks

As a result of automatic alarms and leakage detection in the distribution network.

-80% installation costs

Information integration through Big Data technologies reduced the installation costs of digital solutions.

-20% maintenance costs

Through a more efficient and controlled asset management.

-15% energy consumption

An efficient management of assets and facilities reduced energy consumption at the airport.

Efficient field work

Automatic generation and prioritization of work orders.

Centralized management

Assets, installations and distribution networks were catalogued and monitored.