Valencia saves

more than 4 million m3

of water per year

Automatic leak and fraud detection boosted network efficiency

Valencia is one of the main cities in Spain (Europe), with a population of almost 800 thousand inhabitants. The high number of leaks and frauds was a challenge for the City Council, institution in charge of water supply management. It was also necessary to improve infrastructures monitoring.

The answer to this problem was the implementation of GoAigua’s solution for leak detection, as well as a specialized consulting service for digitalization.

The city is currently saving more than 4 million m3 of water each year and has reduced its leakage losses by 18%.

GoAigua’s solution



Valencia City Council


Spain, Europe


The municipality faced a number of problems in the distribution network, such as a high number of fraud cases and a loss volume of 40% due to inefficient leak detection.

On the other hand, there was no quality system for monitoring the state of the infrastructures (pipes, pumps, etc.).


Lack of sectorization and inadequate sensorization of the distribution network were key challenges to be overcome.

This would be the first step in a digital transformation process that would address the current situation.

Applied solution

GoAigua suite’s Leaks solution played a key role in solving the problem. To this end, a phased project was implemented:​

  • The network was sectorized and flow meters and pressure gauges were installed in the DMA.​
  • The data received was integrated into GoAigua’s Big Data & IoT Platform.​
  • Management was centralized on a single platform. Advanced algorithms were able to detect leaks, frauds and meter alterations in real time and for each sector.​

All improvements included GoAigua’s consulting services: technological, process-oriented and of knowledge transmission to operators.



Over 4 million m3

Is the volume of water saved each year through the detection of leaks and frauds.

85% network efficiency

There was a 30% increase over the previous situation.

-18% leakage losses

Reduction of distribution network losses thanks to automatic detection.

-20% maintenance costs

Due to a more efficient management of the distribution network.

Less than 24 hours

Automatic leak detection reduces response time to this timeframe.

Centralized management

Monitoring of KPIs on the state and activity of installations (pressure, flow,..) on a single platform.