Automatic alert system based on analysis of the water balance of the drinking water distribution network. 

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Boost water efficiency

Keep potential leaks and fraud in the distribution network under control through detection and prevention. View key indicators in real time and receive alarms when action is necessary.

Monitor key indicators

The personalized reports are generated from the distribution and consumption network data.

A proven solution

With 2,000 sectors and more than 3 million data values analyzed, reliability is 99%.

Reduction of non-revenue water

Savings of 4Hm3 of water every year, with an average decrease in network losses of -18%.

Act immediately

Corrective actions ordered by priority. Receive alarms when action is required.

Services for the distribution network

Alerts for leaks and fraud 

Detection and prevention thanks to smart algorithms. 

Water efficiency reports

Metrics on flow, pressure, water balance, non-revenue water and consumption.

Management panel

Easy to use, with key indicators, reports and alerts.

Demand forecast

Using advanced algorithms applied to historical data.

Work orders

Recommended actions for leaks and fraud, ordered by priority.

Smart data applied to water

We transform consumption data and data from the drinking water distribution network into key information. 

The consumption and distribution network information is collected and processed in real time. This makes it possible to generate metrics, establish forecasts and provide services to improve water efficiency. 


GoAigua is the suite for the management of the integral water cycle. 6 connected solutions that are the result of the digitization of the experience in the sector. A sure bet on efficiency.

Smart Water Engine

Centric Assets Management


Smart Metering