Efficiency in management of the billing system and field work.

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Integrated management of the billing system.

Collect and automate business processes. This is the result of more than 125 years of experience in the sector. 

Optimization of field work

More than 2000t of CO2 saved with increase in efficiency of up to 45%. 

Greater user satisfaction

Complaints reduced by up to 60% and 10x increase in the use of the Virtual Office each year. 

Reduction in non-revenue water

Thanks to fraud detection. Up to 500 detected every month in less than 24h. 

Cost savings in billing

We have already generated more than 5.5 million bills automatically.

Key metrics

Better knowledge of consumption habits. Notifications in case of interruption of consumption to protect groups with special needs.

A modular solution

Automatic billing and payment collection

For each customer, downloadable and adapted to the billing cycle. 

Debts and fraud

Management of late payments and non-payments. Fraud alerts, including stopped meters. Payment methods.

Smart Metering

Control and analysis of consumption. Leak alarms. Analysis of consumption in empty houses. 

Virtual Office

Customers can consult the information on their billing, payments and consumption. 

Customer Service

Centralization of communication, support and management of tickets and complaints.  


Real-time tracking of consumption and export of data. Permissions system. 


Management of assets and supply points. Maintenance plans. 

Personalized maps

Unified management and display of the distribution network and its assets. Route assignment. 

Work Orders

Automation of orders and notifications in the field in real time.


Management of field work, commercial fleet, metering, WalkBy and DriveBy readings. Route optimization.

Guayaquil Ecuador
Success Story

EPA (Public Water Enterprise, Ecuador)

Billing management

Distribution of updated information on consumption and expense to customers, debt management and development of an integrated commercial property registry. All of this with frictionless incorporation of existing technology and customers. 

Technologies serving efficiency

A single modular, scalable platform that can be customized to the needs of each organization. 

Security is guaranteed by reference protocols in standard authentication and SSL. 

In phase one, the consumption data and the data from IoT infrastructures is integrated. Information is then standardized by algorithms to construct the solution’s services. 

Our technologies


GoAigua is the suite for the management of the integral water cycle. 6 connected solutions that are the result of the digitization of the experience in the sector. A sure bet on efficiency.

Smart Water Engine

Centric Assets Management


Smart Metering