Energy Efficiency

System of metering, control and improvement of energy efficiency.

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Reduce energy costs by up to 20%

Measure, analyze, act and save. We present the solution to reduce energy costs related to the consumption of water and energy. Everything from a single web platform.

More efficient installations

Detect problems in equipment and optimize hours of energy consumption.


Digitization makes it possible to access information securely from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Without installing equipment in the field.

 Reduction in energy costs

Adjust your electricity contract to what you actually need, identify unwanted consumption and optimize energy consumption through operational pumping plans.

Information in real time

View current and forecast data for consumption, production and other energy variables of water installations.

The solution for energy efficiency

Efficient consumption

Detect excessive consumption in real time to avoid penalties. Consume during the more economical hours of OMIE.

Remote meter reading

Replacement and monitoring of official and secondary meters.

Automatic reports

Programming of reports on energy consumption, reactive energy and power surplus.

Verified bills

Receive bills by calendar month and verify that they are correct.

Sensor installation

Measurement of temperature, pressure and ambient humidity or any fluid to improve consumption, comfort and production.


Monitoring of secondary electrical consumption for rebilling of third parties and control of production costs.

Remote activation

Remote control of lights, water pumping systems, industrial and HVAC equipment.

Electric vehicles

Measurement of consumption, remote actions and reserve management.

Web platform

Information on power demanded in real time, consumption, prevention of penalties and preventive malfunction and fraud alarms.


Forecasting of electricity consumption, water consumption and energy price to optimize operational pumping and irrigation plans.

Algorithms in the water industry

The hourly prices of energy are known beforehand, for both the present time and the following days. Using the history of water demand, it is possible to predict future water demand using automatic learning techniques.  

Once the water demand forecast is available, along with the storage levels and energy prices, it is possible to solve an optimization problem that attempts to minimize the total cost of the energy using mathematical optimization tools.

Lastly, the corresponding SCADAs are programmed with the optimum hours of operation so that the equipment will function according to the optimum solution that has been determined. 


GoAigua is the suite for the management of the integral water cycle. 6 connected solutions that are the result of the digitization of the experience in the sector. A sure bet on efficiency.

Smart Water Engine

Centric assets management

Energy Efficiency

Smart Metering