The Water

Software Suite

go-aigua is born from the desire to provide the water sector with innovative tools that will enable it to reach a level of development not known until now.

As new technologies emerge in action, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with our competitors, meet customer needs or respond to the latest industry needs.

The go-aigua suite integrates the entire service value chain, from IoT sensorization to demand prediction, including digital twin, remote reading and energy and hydraulic optimization.

Our products, which are the result of combining the latest technologies with more than 125 years of knowledge of the water sector, provide the opportunity for your business to achieve the highest standards of both hydraulic and energy efficiency, as well as significantly improve operational capabilities.

Guarantee of transparency

Through continuously open communication channels, a sincere analysis
of your company's situation and needs, as well as a professional relationship,
we offer our clients the greatest transparency in each project,
always ensuring that your data and projects are in the best hands.

Our Experience, Your Security

After many years in the water management business, as well as in the development of software tools, we have learned that experience is invaluable, not only in responding to expectations, but also in providing security and professionalism that new players simply cannot match. To this day, this is still our greatest asset.