Smart Metering

Smart remote reading for water efficiency of the drinking water network.

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Promoting water efficency

Analyzes and predicts water consumption, detects leaks and fraud and monitors the meter fleet. Receive alarms and the necessary actions based on their priority.

For more than a decade, we have been analyzing information from the leading smart metering fleet in Europe. More than 0.5 million meters sending data in real time. This is the result. 

Multi-manufacturer and multi-protocol

Integration with the principal remote reading manufacturers and communication protocols.

Satisfied clients

Thanks to alarms that indicate leaks or unexpected consumption and the resolution of issues with meters.

+45% optimization of field work

Tasks and issues are assigned, prioritized and included in agendas automatically.

Water consumption efficiency

With 2,500 leaks detected each month, it helps with the social responsibility of the organizations.

Smart management

The services facilitate and extract value from the management of the meter fleet. From a single interface.

Forecast of revenue from consumption

By predicting demand based on historical data and the application of algorithms.

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Leak detection

Detection of internal leaks of 0.2 l/min with +90% reliability. Extreme and regular leaks.

Fraud detection

Meter tampering, consumption in empty apartments, without contracts and with blank disks installed.

Demand forecast

At supply points with and without smart metering, for daily values and a horizon of up to one year.

Estimation of water performance

More precise, thanks to consumption estimation by sectors, even in sectors without smart metering.

Real-time consumption

Measurement and geopositioning of meters.

Meter Monitoring

Detection of stopped meters and meters installed backwards, low battery, underspending, overspending, tampering and malfunctions.

Uninhabited homes

Identification of cases in which non-consumption readings are due to empty homes.

Occupancy changes in homes

Recognized by changes in consumption.

Segmentation of consumers

Individual consumption patterns. Seasonal patterns by service connections, sectors, towns…

Alarms for clients

Configuration by water consumption during certain periods, normally long absences.

People with special needs

Contributes to their welfare thanks to the connection to social assistance programs.

Work orders

Automatic identification of anomalies, assigning reviewers who study each case.

Success Story

City Council of Gandia, Spain

Remote reading and NB-IoT technologies for efficiency

The first city in Europe that comprehensively monitors, controls and manages its water consumption with GoAigua smart metering and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology from Vodafone. 

This makes it possible to predict demand and detect internal leaks.

Technologies applied to experience

The combination of Big Data and IoT technologies is behind the mass collection and processing of smart metering data in real time.  

Data is collected thanks to compatibility with the principal smart metering manufacturers (Itron, Contazara, DIEHL Metering, Elster, Sensus, Conthidra, Abering, arsonMetering…) and the principal communication protocols, both open protocols as well as NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Arad… 

The data is then standardized and processed in real time. Big Data architectures make it possible to quickly access massive amounts of data. 

All of this makes it possible to view data and consumption patterns, predict demand and issues and launch corrective actions. 

Our technologies


GoAigua is the suite for the management of the integral water cycle. 6 connected solutions that are the result of the digitization of the experience in the sector. A sure bet on efficiency.

Smart Water Engine

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Smart Metering