Centric assets management

Infrastructure management platform. Visualization of processes and predictive maintenance.

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Decisions based on digitization

Construct a digital replica of your assets and installations with real-time data. We apply a layer of standardization to pre-existing systems, in order to access all of the information from a centralized control point. 

The different services are built on this general environment of monitoring and operations for infrastructures. 

100% customizable

Easily create and update your own digital schematics, KPIs, variables and synoptics. Using preconfigured elements.


Compatible with all industrial manufacturers, SCADA suppliers and communication protocols. Launch integrations with existing systems or create from 0.

Multi-user and multi-device

Possibility of creating multiple users. Access from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Centralized management

Of assets and installations in a digital environment for monitoring and operations in real time.

Lower costs

Up to -70% in system implementation costs, -20% maintenance and -15% in energy costs.

Democratization of data

Digitization makes it possible to use data outside of the industrial environment, in combination with other systems and breaking out of information silos.

Comprehensive management environment, 100% customizable, currently used in 400 supply networks in 50 countries, for 2,500 assets and in 300 installations.

Real-time analysis and control of infrastructures

Real-time control of production

Generate reports, evolution graphs, digital schematics and comparative studies between processes and installations.

Predictive maintenance

Management and maintenance of production processes with automatic operating capacity, on industrial computers and remotely.

Granularity in a digital environment

Information by towns, sectors, factories, installations, tanks, assets, wells, dispensers, etc.


Based on the status of processes, installations and assets. By WhatsApp, email or text message.

How it works

The data from the equipment, databases and business systems (ERP, MES, CRMare integrated in real time. The technology is compatible with all industrial manufacturers, SCADA suppliers and communication protocols. 

The Big Data storage system records the information and then uses algorithms to exploit it to provide the services in the solution.


GoAigua is the suite for the management of the integral water cycle. 6 connected solutions that are the result of the digitization of the experience in the sector. A sure bet on efficiency.

Smart Water Engine

Centric assets management


Smart Metering