Why us?

We are the leading company in digital transformation for the water industry. We provide innovative services and solutions for the water cycle management.

These are our competitive advantages.

The trust of a leading company

Our technology is the result of the digitalization of Global Omnium, a benchmark company in the industry.

Our figures back us up and our commitment to innovation and digitalization for the future gives us a long-term guarantee and solidity.

We support organizations in their digital transformation

We are a strategic technology partner. We offer personalized consultancy and redefine the client’s processes according to their degree of digitalization.

We listen to them carefully to understand and analyze their needs.

The strength of industry experience

We have a team of more than 180 professionals with extensive knowledge of the water market and its digitalization.

Over 10 years of experience in digital transformation allow us to offer contrasted results.

Continuous innovation: Not Only Water

We complement our technological solutions according to the client’s requirements. We are able to offer a comprehensive service that overcomes the traditional barriers of the water industry.

The companies that are part of GoHub, Global Omnium’s open innovation hub, play a key role. These act as vertical service providers in cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality and drones.

A global and flexible platform

Our technological solution GoAigua is compatible with the main manufacturers, industrial protocols, communication and business systems.

The management panel unifies key information into a solid, cross-sectional Big Data platform on which the solutions are built to provide a holistic view of the entire water cycle.